Delilah: Part Two

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If you haven’t seen Delilah yet, start at the beginning. “What you’re trying to work out,” said Delilah, “is whether whatever file you have on me is accurate. It’ll say some shit about how I’m deep insurgency load out from Metatech. It might talk about how I can shoot laser beams from my eyes. No? Well […]

The New Chic

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If I may, I’d like to skip some of my usual flavor to showcase some other people. I know. Weird for you? Weird for me too. These particular humans were of a smaller size than what I’m used to. I had the great honor and privilege of being asked by Maungaraki School to speak to a […]

We’re Almost There

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In my quest to bring a few popular Facebook posts back from the brink of being locked-in, this one is replicated below. via GIPHY We’re right on the edge of something particularly awesome. I know this is probably the view of anyone at any given time in history – you know, that guy who’s sitting […]