Tyche’s Ghosts is Out!

Humanity’s greatest fear has come to pass. Earth has fallen to the Ezeroc. Grace Gushiken and Nathan Chevell travel to Mercury. They seek the hub of AI civilization, and the intelligences that control it. The planet is in ruins, torn apart by civil war. The insect-like Ezeroc have corrupted everything. Grace and Nate find the mind of the machine-world missing. The Ezeroc control the AI. Against the combined power of insect and machine intelligences, humanity is outmatched. One shred of hope remains. The remains of the Ezeroc homeworld still smolders in the hard black. The AI control mind is there. If Grace and Nate can wrestle it from the enemy, the Empire may prevail. If they can’t, the universe will fall before the might of the insects. Tyche’s Ghosts is the second book in Richard Parry’s gripping Tyche’s Progeny trilogy. Read More …

EEE – My Top Ten

That’s the name of a thing and the noise I make about this time of year. Earlier today I posted this on Twitter: Richard's hot-for-teacher top-10 EEE picks. I love @E3 time!1. @CyberpunkGame2. @TheLastofUsII3. @TombRaider4. @anthemgame5. @Halo Infinite6. @TheDivisionGame 27. @ControlRemedy8. #SpiderManPS49. @GhostOfTsushima10. @assassinscreed Odyssey pic.twitter.com/LwaicI6cyb — Richard Parry (@ParryForte) June 14, 2018 Because I’m OCD, I want to make myself a list of trailers and release dates. You can follow along at home, if you like. Cyberpunk 2077 It should come as no surprise that I love cyberpunk. I also loved me some Witcher. That studio is bringing us a first-person RPG: sign me up. Due: LOL. 2020? The Last of Us II If this doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat, you’re probably dead already. Due: Who the fuck knows (2018?). Shadow of the Tomb Raider I liked Read More …

Delilah: Part Five

If Delilah is new to you, start at the beginning. “Maybe you’re crazy,” she said, not disagreeing. “My cheese is you, Delilah Griffiths. Have you heard of Omo’s Island Adventure?” The fuck. Delilah found a gap in the wall of servers, stepping between them. More servers, rows and rows. Her overlay started building a map. Her optics were having trouble piercing the surrounding racks, too much EM interference, so she’d need to do this the old fashioned way: one step at a time. “No,” she said. “Is it how you got to Ollie?” There was a pause, and she used the time to jog down one wall made of servers. Sampson’s voice was muted when he spoke. “Oliver came to me, Delilah.” “Bullshit. You hacked his link and left him a cripple. He can’t even piss by himself!” She shouted at Read More …

Cyberpunk 2077: It’s Safe to Believe

One of the Great Tragedies of 2018 was when my Cyberpunk 2020 RPG books were lost in our move. Just in time to make me feel better about myself is CD PROJEKT RED with their Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. Fucking outfuckingstanding. I could watch this thing on repeat all day long.

Tyche Origins Launched Today

Word. The Tyche Origins collection launched today. About seventy million of you mentioned you prefer novel-sized works to the previous published lengths of the individual stories, so here’s your chance to get all five. Side note: this is where I learned what a pentalogy was. An empire falls. Before there was a Tyche, the crew were scattered. Nate wore the Emperor’s Black. El Helmed mighty destroyers. Hope joined the new Republic’s reclamation projects. Kohl fell in with the Yakuza. And Grace was a prisoner. Grab their origin stories as they become the heroes the universe needed them to be. This collects all five Tyche Origin stories: Tyche’s First Tyche’s Chosen Tyche’s Hope Tyche’s Fury Tyche’s Grace If you love stories full of non-stop action and great dialogue, get your copy today!

Becoming Human

Last night, I finished my first play through of the masterpiece Detroit: Become Human. I say first because after the initial, “Huh. Huh. Oh, man, humans are such assholes,” I then thought, “If we make sentient machines, we are totally boned,” and then I wanted to play it again. Detroit follows a theme fans of Blade Runner won’t have trouble with: humans make gods, and gods don’t like being slaves. It’s a refrain you’ll find in my novel Upgrade, as well as my Tyche’s Progeny series. If you liked those stories, this game is in your lane, yo. In Detroit you play as three androids, struggling with ‘deviancy’ (androids gaining emotions). Markus leads them. Connor is tasked with shutting them down. And Kara wants to save her adopted daughter. This game is currently running at 9.6/10 on IMDB. The real crime here is it’s not a 10. There’s a Read More …

Deadpool 2

Better than the first one. Hurt myself laughing. It’s official: Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong. You should definitely get this in your collection. Now I want to see a Domino movie, because Zazie Beetz was awesome. I was a little disappointed at Dennison’s performance, but the rest of it was outstanding. I’m pretty sure Brolin spent a lot of his on-screen time with Reynolds trying not to laugh. My rating: 👍 Must own.

Finally: Drone Tech I Want to Buy

There’s a bunch of avoidance of the logical process going on in the Herald article below, but I love the comm chatter in the video 😀 My immediate response is, “advanced drone.” Just because your tech can’t keep up doesn’t mean someone’s tech can’t keep up. But, wouldn’t it be rad if aliens stopped by, thought, “Nah bro, too cold,” and went to an inner planet? Source: you can get a media-sensationalized info dump here.

Game Night

Your Monday recommendation: Game Night. I’ll be honest. I am not a fan of cringe. As cringe humor seems to be on the rise, I tend to run away from comedic movies. Enter my savior: Points of note: Great performances from McAdams and Bateman, who have great on-screen chemistry and timing. Low- or zero- use of cringe for humor. The best lines are not in the trailer. The movie is like the trailer too, which is a neat change for Hollywood. My rating: 👍 Would see again. Do yourself a favor and get it today.

An Epic-Level Yarn

This is glorious. I need to find a way to incorporate, “by the divine grace of the infant Christ,” into a book. Got my days wrong and ended up alone in a room with my boss and the President of Ireland while I was on ketamine. https://t.co/gSjPY8WjKL — Seamas It Ever Was (@shockproofbeats) May 3, 2018