I’d Buy That For A Dollar: Chromed: Upgrade and Chromed: Rogue

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programme to let you know Chromed: Upgrade and Chromed: Rogue are enjoying a Kindle Countdown Deal. US/UK citizens can enjoy the supremacy their nations’ commercial power provides: Chromed: Upgrade’s free, and the sequel Chromed: Rogue is a mere Earth dollar (or adjusted currency). Why am I doing this? Because the finale, Chromed: Restore, is out today. [Treat yourself to the series], or grab ’em a la carte below: [FREE] [0.99] New release! [4.99] EDIT: Holy shitballs. Thank you so very much for your support!

Chromed: Restore Is Out!

This is the one so many of you’ve been waiting for. It’s the conclusion to Mason, Sadie, and Carter’s story. I hope you love it! It’s 21050AD. Uplinks turn us into slaves. Mason Floyd is lost on a dying world, bionics failing as he wages war against the ruling elite. He’s left off-grid rockstar Sadie Freeman on Earth with a hopeless quest: resurrect the dead. New megacorp HumanE forces outright war. They have the means to control humans through the link, creating a limitless army of warriors. To free humanity, Mason discards the corporate protection he’s always known, leaving him vulnerable. Sadie embraces corporate chains, going against all she stands for. As the streets of Seattle erupt into conflict, Mason and Sadie face their greatest challenge. They must save us from ourselves. Megacorps. Cyborgs. AI. Gene-spliced monsters. Syndicate enforcers. Off-grid Read More …

The tale of a launch week 🚀

This is one of my world-famous emails, originally send Friday, 16 November 2018. You can get on the list here. But first… …we need to acknowledge the passing of a titan. Today: The late, great Stan Lee. A tiny bit of author biz, and Chromed: Upgrade’s launch week. Let’s dig in. Marvel has the best characters. I reckon that’s all down to Stan Lee. I’ve read comics for while, but not forever. I noped out in my early years – I didn’t really understand things like Commando or Archie, and when I found ‘superhero’ comics, they were full of muscle-bound weirdos and not-empowered women. I didn’t get the magic. Then a friend told me about Ronin. This changed my whole world. How he explained it: ‘comics’ were for kids and ‘graphic novels’ were the real deal. Fast forward a number Read More …

High-Five, Internet!

When I released the first tortured edition of Upgrade in 2014, it sank without a trace (from a sales perspective). While sales aren’t the total arbiter of success, they’re definitely a leading indicator! The re-master launched last Friday. Today, it snuck into the top 100 of the cyberpunk genre on the world’s biggest bookstore. No clue if 96 is as high as it’ll go, but it feels like I might have finally given this book the treatment it deserved.

Chromed: Upgrade Is Out!

Chromed: Upgrade is on virtual shelves across planet Earth. It’s about the twisted, beautiful creatures we are and what this world does to us. It’s 2150AD. There hasn’t been a corporate war… until now. Mason Floyd is an augmented syndicate enforcer at the top of his game. His job is asset protection and acquisition, no questions asked. Company tech is stolen on Mason’s watch. Rival megacorps want it, and they don’t mind killing him to get it. Framed for the theft, Mason runs. He tangles with off-grid rockstar Sadie Freeman on the grimy seam between the powerful and poor. Together they uncover a secret an entire city died to keep. Hunted and desperate, they must team up to survive. Together Mason and Sadie can save the world. Apart, both are lost. They must trust each other or die. Megacorps. Cyborgs. Read More …

Should You NaNoWriMo?

No. Wait, you want something better than that? Okay. I entered, and “won,” NaNo back in 2014. I was itching to write a cool, edgy cyberpunk book. I’d originally titled it Uplinked, but after conversation with my wife that changed to Upgrade. I had so, so many ideas for this book. Bionics. Particle cannons. Plasma weapons. Always online, always ready. Love. Hope. The people lost in the cracks. I would do William Gibson proud, man. A little peer pressure crept in. October of that same year, a few friends were talking big about how they’d win NaNo. I’d never heard of NaNo, thought, “How hard can it be?” and wrote Upgrade (or a hyooooge chunk of it) during November. Despite knocking something like 65,000 words out of the park during NaNo, well in excess of the 50k threshold, I discovered Read More …

Want a sneak peak of Chromed: Upgrade?

The first third of Chromed: Upgrade is available for download on the house. You’ll still need to wait until November 9 to get the whole thing, but that’s not that far away. Until then, this might just whet your appetite. [GIMME] Remastering the original Upgrade’s been a blast. My editor had my back, and dipping back into the universe was a fun ride. I don’t mind admitting I like my own story! I can’t wait to hear what you think.