New Digital Covers for Night’s Champion

My Night’s Champion series is the devil’s own to market. It features (spoilers!) werewolves, but isn’t in the lane of popular genre tropes. My werewolves aren’t sexy; their murderous, and the vampires they fight do not sparkle. It’s been my eternal challenge to give this series covers that scream, “Supernatural suspense!” rather than something YA-focused (DANGER! WARNING! DANGER!) or romance (…this would be worse than terribad). I’ve updated the covers with these latest. What do you think? The third’s almost the same as it’s original, but the other two have seen quite the facelift.

The Interesting Science of Free Books Driving Piracy

I like data. It helps make better decisions, and avoid posturing and hand-wavium. A bunch of people in the author community espouse the value of permafree* book one in a longer series. The basic argument is: There’s no friction to reader attachment, thus you’ll get a higher readership. This is testable. While less people as a percentage of book one readers will read next-in-series (as speculative “purchasers” can come from outside your genre lane), the volume of readers will drive greater success overall. We can test this for science. We can also talk about the shit-show of also-boughts and how that makes advertising painful. You gain exposure on other storefronts, other than the mighty Zon. We can test this too! TL;DR: none of the promised gains worked for me, but I did see a massive spike in book 2 & Read More …