The Splintered Land’s First Draft is DONE

I interrupt your regularly scheduled scrolling to drop some happy. Requiem’s Justice, book 3 in the Splintered Land trilogy, is code complete as they say (…in a totally different industry). Sure, sure, I’ve about seven years’ of editing to do, but let me hold this one close for a while. It racks in just shy of 120,000 words, which is more or less what the other two are. When editing is done on all three, the series will look like this: Tomb of the Six Blade of Glass The Storm Within Requiem’s Justice The astute among you will notice there are four (4) titles, which seems an odd number for a trilogy. As I’m breaking into the hot new genre (for me) of epic/dark fantasy, you’ll get an on-the-house series prequel when this launches. You’ll be able to judge for Read More …

Consummate Professionalism

Rebekah’s hard at work on the cover for Blade of Glass. We have a process, she and I, where I have an idea and then she does what’s best for both of us. She has minted a quick paint of the cover, which is amazing, and no you can’t see it because everything might change. BUT, I thought I could share part of the creative journey. During the exchange, I mocked up this brilliant framing: No one’s more surprised than me that she still takes my calls. Want more? Get on my world-famous email list here.