I Know Kung Fu

And I’m spoiling for a fight.

Today’s writing was the start of a fight scene.  Just setting it up – getting the actors involved.  It’s a way of blowing out a bit of tension in the writing; we still haven’t (in 16k words) seen what Mason’s made of, not really.  I feel it’s time to set some expectations in a way that won’t damage the plot or be some sort of teen power fantasy.

The idea came from my family in common law.  We were all out at a restaurant the other weekend, and along the walls of the place were all kinds of things – oars, records, some speakers, artwork, whatever.  There was probably even the remains of a goat head hung up somewhere.  One of the people suggested that a restaurant would be an awesome place for a fight scene in my next book.

I aim to please.

So far, I’ve written about a thousand words putting Mason in place, and creating a scenario where things will go quite badly wrong.  It’s not anything he’s done – wrong place, wrong time.  Sometimes life’s like that, and we need to see how he reacts.  The shit all hits the fan in Chinatown.

See you tomorrow.

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