New Breakfast

I’ve had a bit of a food renaissance since reading one of my Christmas gifts.

Today’s experiment was a sort of broccoli waffle.  Wait, don’t go.

Think of it like breakfast quiche.  You’ve got a waffle iron and a blender or food processor…  Disintegrate enough broccoli and cauliflower to yield 1 cup combined.  Add two eggs, the barest hint of a sharp cheese (I use parmesan, about an 3/4 inch-sized cube), sage, and salt and pepper.  Mix it all up, spoon into your waffle iron, cook (5-6 minutes in our Breville) and you’ve got a broccoli waffle.

Or, as I said, a breakfast quiche.  But shaped like a waffle.  Quick, easy, and — for how filling it is — relatively low calorie.  About 350?  Depends on how much stuffs you use, especially cheese, so go the fuck easy on that, yo.

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