The Pain

Hit a bit of a sleepless night last night.

Wafer Fingers by mihow.

But!  That won’t stop me editing.  Chewed through a bunch more on Night’s Favour this morning.  I feel like I’m on the home stretch, although the the high detail work is excruciating.

For those of you who haven’t edited a 300-page paperback before, like six times, the problem with feedback is sort of in two parts.
1. Everyone’s feedback is in a different format, and it doesn’t look like the source work in Scrivener.  You get to flip between six different tools.
2. There’s a lot of (quite helpful) suggestions that need research.  A lot of research.  Which also has you flipping between tools, books, and even the freakin’ library.

Ok, I exaggerate.  No one goes to libraries anymore.

Much of it is discarded, but I review it all for fit and finish.  A simple example: how can I determine a deliberate shortening of English from simply bad grammar?  Each one needs to be looked at.

On only three hours sleep, it’s making me a bit cranky.  I’m off to find some calories, because those guys are still my friends.  See you tomorrow.